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Yoga For Musicians

Mind, Movement, Music

No matter your instrument, there's a good chance that as a musician, you've experienced tension or even pain as a result of performing or practicing.  The simple physiology of "playing position" can place stress on the body, even for musicians with impeccable technique.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher and a performer myself, I am all too familiar with the feeling of waking up the day after a performance and finding sore spots on my body.  That's why I've put together a course and sequence aimed at musicians, specifically designed to address the unique issues of instrumentalists, singers, and conductors.  We use our arms, legs, hands, necks, torsos and mouths in ways that most other folks don't - and the act of performing is rife with opportunities to pull the body out of alignment.

Many people think of yoga as an activity for the super-flexible or crazy strong, envisioning headstands and backbends (like the lady to the right).  I could never get my body to do that, we think.  But the good news is that yoga is for every body - any age, any weight, any gender, any range of motion, any background or experience level.  Not very flexible?  That's cool.  Can't do a push-up?  Not important.  Got injuries from playing, singing, life?  That's why we're here! 


You don't have to be able to pull your leg over your head in order to experience the benefits of a specific posture.  Work with the body you have.  As long as you're feeling something, you're doing it right!

Say goodbye to physical tension and stress, and say hello to happier muscles and improved performances.

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